Show me /Tell me


SHOW ME/ TELL ME                                                                                                            

1 Where is the oil and how would you check it. /Point at

dipstick its yellow it's at the back of the engine say I pull it

out and I would wipe it put it back and make sure its

between min/max                                                                

2.Where is the coolant how would you check it./point at

big square bottle on right red fluid in and say I would

check it is between min/max on level ground.                

3.Where is the brake fluid how would you check it. Point

at black cap just left hand back corner and I would check

it's between min/max on level ground.                                                                               

4.Where is your windscreen wash and how would you

check it. Point

at yellow cap on the right and say I would top it up.         

5. How would you check you're parking brake/hand brake

for excessive wear?/ put your foot brake on first then let

hand brake off and re-apply it saying I can feel some


6. Where is the horn?/ just point at centre of steering


7. How would you wash the windscreen? /Ignition on

(front) pull the wiper arm towards you and hold till it

washes screen/rear push wiper

arm away and hold.              

8. How would you check your power steering is

working?/Hold steering wheel move up and down slightly

and say it should go light when I start the engine.                                      

9. How would you check your indicators are

working?/Tell them you would put hazard lights on and

get out and check them.                                                                                                                          10. How you put your head and tail lights on and how

would you check them./Turn ignition on turn the switch on

by your door 2 clicks right.                                                              

11.How would you check your brake lights are working?/Tell them

you would use a reverse up to reflective surface and

apply the brake pedal.                                                                

12.How would check the brake lights are working I will help you.

You get in car turn ignition only and put foot brake

pedal when they say ok take the foot brake off.                                        

13.Tell how you would check your brakes are working

before you start a journey. 

Tell them the brake pedal should be soft but firm

and not be spongy or slack and the car should not pull to

one side.                                                                                             

14.Where would you find the information and how would

you check your tire pressures.

Tell them in the car hand book use a reliable gauge and

check all of them when cold + refit dust caps.                                 

15. How would you check your tires have sufficient tread

depth and are safe for road use? 

Tell them there should be NO cuts or bulges and there

is a minimum of 1.6mm using a gauge across the central

3/4 of the tire all the way round.                                                  

16.How would you turn your dipped head lights to main

beam? Ignition on head lights on then push the indicator

arm away from you blue head light should on

your dash board.                                  

17. How would you put your rear fog lights on and when

would use them. Ignition on head light switch on but then

press the switch  there should be an orange head

on the dash board.                                                                              

18. How would you demist the car? Ignition on turn up

heater controls plus rear window heater.                                                       

19. How would know if your ABS system is working ok.

Tell then the ABS light should out.                                                                             

20. How would you know if there was a fault on your ABS

system? Tell them the ABS light would come on.                                                                                                                            21. How would you set/adjust your head

restraints, tell them centre of restraint should line through

with your eye/ear      



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