Driving test day what will happens.

Test day you will need photo part of

your licence.There are no pass rates at test centre if

you drive safely you will pass your driving test. But if

you pull out and slow some one down or do not go

when it is safe to emerge. or do not get your car up

to the speed limit if it is clear and safe to do so and

do not do the manoeuvre safely you will probable fail your test. Some pupils say I

just want to go for a test to see what it feels like but

you will just be wasting your money listen to your

instructor !!! he or she will be the best person to

tell you when you are ready for your driving test.  On

your driving test you will be asked to follow the road

ahead unless road signs or road markings tell you

other wise if your examiner needs you turn they will

tell you well before the turn/park up. You may be

asked to park up several times at a convenient

place this where you can leave your car and not be

inconvenient other road users and told to drive when

you ready do not rush. You may also be asked to do

a turn in the road and do not touch the curbs, Also

do a left reverse corner reversing into a side road,

Also reverse parking pull  along side a park car and

reverse in between two cars which are two car

lengths apart, Reverse  bay parking where you

reverse between the two white lines in the car park,

Also you may be asked to do a controlled stop where

the examiner will raise there hand and say stop you

must stop the car quickly and keep control of the car,

also you will be asked to drive on your own by

following a basic black line map or asked to follow

road signs ie follow the signs for kings

heath. At the end of your test you will be told to turn

off the engine if you have passed you will be given a

pass certificate if you have failed you will be told why

let your driving instructor listen to what the exmanier

ask to say this will help your instructor to you put

right what as gone wrong on your driving test.